A41N1424 battery for Asus ROG GL552 GL552J GL552JX ZX50JX GL552V

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. Chemistry: Li-ion
. Voltage: 15V
. Capacity: 48Wh
. Color: Black
. Condition: Fully New OEM battery with 1 year warranty

Compatible with Battery code:
A41N1424, A41LK5H, 0B110-00350000, 0B110-00350100, 0B110-00350200, 0B110-00350300, 0B110-00350400, 0B110-00350500E

Compatible with Laptop Models: (Please "Ctrl+F"search your laptop model)

For Asus

FX-Plus, FX-Plus4200, FX-PLUS4720, FX-PRO, FX-PRO 6300, FX-PRO 6700, FX-PRO6700, FX71PRO, FX71PRO6700, FZ50V, FZ50VL, FZ50VW, FZ50VW-56C96PB1, FZ50VW-NS51, FZ50VX, FZ50VX-56A95CB1, FZ50VX-76A95SB1, FZ50VX-76B95CS2, FZ50VX-WS74, G552VX, GL552, GL552J, GL552JW, GL552JX, GL552JX-CN316T, GL552V, GL552VW, GL552VW-DH71, GL552VW-DH74, GL552VX, GL552VXM, JX4200, JX4720, ROG FX-PLUS, ROG G552VW-DM262T, ROG G552VW-DM272T, ROG G552VX-DM358T, ROG GL552, ROG GL552J, ROG GL552JX, ROG GL552JX-CN009H, ROG GL552JX-CN029D, ROG GL552JX-CN090D, ROG GL552JX-CN154H, ROG GL552JX-CN155H, ROG GL552JX-CN156H, ROG GL552JX-CN182H, ROG GL552JX-CN228D, ROG GL552JX-CN316T, ROG GL552JX-CN335T, ROG GL552JX-CN369D, ROG GL552JX-DM019D, ROG GL552JX-DM033H, ROG GL552JX-DM072H, ROG GL552JX-DM079H, ROG GL552JX-DM085H, ROG GL552JX-DM087D, ROG GL552JX-DM088H, ROG GL552JX-DM144D, ROG GL552JX-DM144H, ROG GL552JX-DM165H, ROG GL552JX-DM174H, ROG GL552JX-DM188D, ROG GL552JX-DM264H, ROG GL552JX-DM269T, ROG GL552JX-DM285T, ROG GL552JX-DM291D, ROG GL552JX-DM292D, ROG GL552JX-DM343T, ROG GL552JX-DM356D, ROG GL552JX-DM390T, ROG GL552JX-XO083D, ROG GL552JX-XO083H, ROG GL552JX-XO093D, ROG GL552JX-XO139D, ROG GL552JX-XO305D, ROG GL552JX-XO345T, ROG GL552V, ROG GL552VL, ROG GL552VL-0023B6700HQ, ROG GL552VL-CN028T, ROG GL552VL-CN044D, ROG GL552VL-CN046D, ROG GL552VL-DM023T, ROG GL552VW, ROG GL552VW-CN058D, ROG GL552VW-CN090D, ROG GL552VW-CN091D, ROG GL552VW-CN104T, ROG GL552VW-CN108T, ROG GL552VW-CN114T, ROG GL552VW-CN134T, ROG GL552VW-CN157T, ROG GL552VW-CN158T, ROG GL552VW-CN164T, ROG GL552VW-CN174D, ROG GL552VW-CN211D, ROG GL552VW-CN214T, ROG GL552VW-CN273T, ROG GL552VW-CN274T, ROG GL552VW-CN286T, ROG GL552VW-CN298T, ROG GL552VW-CN313T, ROG GL552VW-CN320T, ROG GL552VW-CN335T, ROG GL552VW-CN353T, ROG GL552VW-CN354T, ROG GL552VW-CN387T, ROG GL552VW-CN388T, ROG GL552VW-CN426T, ROG GL552VW-CN430T, ROG GL552VW-CN446T, ROG GL552VW-CN461D, ROG GL552VW-CN470T, ROG GL552VW-CN471T, ROG GL552VW-CN480T, ROG GL552VW-CN481T, ROG GL552VW-CN501T, ROG GL552VW-CN515D, ROG GL552VW-CN516D, ROG GL552VW-CN565D, ROG GL552VW-CN601D, ROG GL552VW-CN602T, ROG GL552VW-CN618T, ROG GL552VW-CN624T, ROG GL552VW-CN625T, ROG GL552VW-CN704T, ROG GL552VW-CN739T, ROG GL552VW-CN793T, ROG GL552VW-CN875T, ROG GL552VW-CN893T, ROG GL552VW-CN896T, ROG GL552VW-CN897T, ROG GL552VW-CN923D, ROG GL552VW-CN926D, ROG GL552VW-CN926T, ROG GL552VW-CN947T, ROG GL552VW-CN951T, ROG GL552VW-DH71, ROG GL552VW-DH74, ROG GL552VW-DM002T, ROG GL552VW-DM010D, ROG GL552VW-DM099D, ROG GL552VW-DM132T, ROG GL552VW-DM141, ROG GL552VW-DM141T, ROG GL552VW-DM142T, ROG GL552VW-DM149, ROG GL552VW-DM149T, ROG GL552VW-DM150T, ROG GL552VW-DM151T, ROG GL552VW-DM195T, ROG GL552VW-DM197T, ROG GL552VW-DM198T, ROG GL552VW-DM201T, ROG GL552VW-DM205T, ROG GL552VW-DM210T, ROG GL552VW-DM212T, ROG GL552VW-DM225T, ROG GL552VW-DM337T, ROG GL552VW-DM349T, ROG GL552VW-DM350T, ROG GL552VW-DM351T, ROG GL552VW-DM463T, ROG GL552VW-DM464T, ROG GL552VW-DM490T, ROG GL552VW-DM594T, ROG GL552VW-DM643T, ROG GL552VW-DM675T, ROG GL552VW-DM686T, ROG GL552VW-DM732D, ROG GL552VW-DM733D, ROG GL552VW-DM748T, ROG GL552VW-DM762D, ROG GL552VW-DM775T, ROG GL552VW-DM777T, ROG GL552VW-DM789T, ROG GL552VW-DM797T, ROG GL552VW-DM806T, ROG GL552VW-DM812T, ROG GL552VW-DM862T, ROG GL552VW-DM880D, ROG GL552VW-DM881T, ROG GL552VW-DM890T, ROG GL552VW-DM949D, ROG GL552VW-IH78, ROG GL552VX-CN036T, ROG GL552VX-CN055T, ROG GL552VX-CN059D, ROG GL552VX-CN060D, ROG GL552VX-CN062D, ROG GL552VX-CN117T, ROG GL552VX-CN146T, ROG GL552VX-CN198D, ROG GL552VX-CN239T, ROG GL552VX-CN246T, ROG GL552VX-CN267T, ROG GL552VX-CN312T, ROG GL552VX-CN368T, ROG GL552VX-DM018D, ROG GL552VX-DM044T, ROG GL552VX-DM070D, ROG GL552VX-DM076T, ROG GL552VX-DM087T, ROG GL552VX-DM119T, ROG GL552VX-DM143D, ROG GL552VX-DM151D, ROG GL552VX-DM183D, ROG GL552VX-DM212D, ROG GL552VX-DM229D, ROG GL552VX-DM248T, ROG GL552VX-DM261T, ROG GL552VX-DM262D, ROG GL552VX-DM270T, ROG GL552VX-DM272T, ROG GL552VX-DM294D, ROG GL552VX-DM310D, ROG GL552VX-DM335T, ROG GL552VX-DM336D, ROG GL552VX-DM356D, ROG GL552VX-DM363T, ROG GL552VX-DM365T, ROG GL552VX-DM390T, ROG GL552VX-DM401T, ROG GL552VX-DM406T, ROG GL552VX-DM447D, ROG GL552VX-DM448T, ROG GL552VX-DM482, ROG GL552VX-DM493T, ROG GL552VX-XO081D, ROG GL552VX-XO103T, ROG GL552VX-XO104D, ROG GL552VX-XO104T, ROG ZX50JX, ROG ZX50JX4200, ROG ZX50JX4720, X50J, X55LM2H, ZX50, ZX50J, ZX50JX, ZX50JX4200, ZX50JX4200-154ASC52X10, ZX50JX4720, ZX50V, ZX50VW, ZX50VW-MS71, ZX50VW6300, ZX50VW6700

Package Content:
1 * A31N1302 33Wh Battery for Asus VivoBook X200M X200CA X200MA K200MA

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.

A41N1424 battery for Asus ROG GL552 GL552J GL552JX ZX50JX GL552V