Hp BN03XL HSTNN-OB1O L77034-005 L76965-AC1 HSTNN-DB9N 51Wh Battery

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. Chemistry: Li-ion
. Voltage: 11.55V
. Capacity: 4195mAh (51Wh)
. Color: Black
. Condition: New replacement battery, 1 year warranty!

Compatible with Battery code:
3ICP5/65/80, 917724-855, BN03XL, HSTNN-DB9N, HSTNN-OB1O, L73965-271, L76965-2C1, L76965-AC1, L76985-271, L77034-005, L770374-005

Compatible with Laptop Models: 
For Hp 

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Package Content:

1 X Hp BN03XL HSTNN-OB1O L77034-005 L76965-AC1 HSTNN-DB9N 51Wh Battery

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged BN03XL battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion BN03XL battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.

Hp BN03XL HSTNN-OB1O L77034-005 L76965-AC1 HSTNN-DB9N 51Wh Battery