Replacement MSI GE60 GE70 CR650 FR700 FR600 BTY-S14 BTY-S15 Battery

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. Chemistry: Li-ion
. Voltage: 11.1V
. Capacity: 4400mAh
. Color: Black
. Condition: New replacement battery, One year warranty!

Compatible with Battery code:
BTY-M6E, BTY-S14, BTY-S15, BTYM6E, BTYS14, BTYS15, E2MS110K2002, E2MS110W2002, E2MS115K2002, MS-16GN

Compatible with Laptop Models: (Please "Ctrl+F"search your laptop model)
For Medion
Akoya Mini E1311 MD97107, Akoya Mini E1311 MD97164, Akoya Mini E1311 MD97295, Akoya Mini E1312, Akoya Mini E1315, Akoya P6515, GE70 OND 451AU, MD971017, MD97125, MD97127, MD97411, MD97663, MD97690, MD97842, MD97931, MD97982,
Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97107), MSI Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97164) Laptop Battery, Akoya Mini E1311 (MD97295), Akoya Mini E1312, Akoya Mini E1315, CR650 Series, MSI CR70 Laptop Battery, MSI CX61 2QF Laptop Battery, MSI CX650 Series Laptop Battery, CX70 2QF, FR-720, FR400 Series, FR600 Series, FR610 Series, MSI FR700 Series Laptop Battery, FX400 Series, FX600 Series, FX610 Series, MSI FX700 Series Laptop Battery, G370, MSI GE6-20c Laptop Battery, GE60, GE60 2PE APACHE PRO, MSI GE60 2PE-049UK Laptop Battery, GE60-0NC, GE60-OND, GE620 Series, GE620DX Series, GE70 2PE APACHE PRO, GE70 MS-1757, MSI GE70 OND-451AU Laptop Battery, GP60 2OD, MSI GP60 2PF Leopard Pro Laptop Battery, GP60 2QF LEOPARD PRO, GP60-2QF, MSI MD97125 Laptop Battery, MD97127, MD97690, MS-16GD, MS-1755, MSI MS12-2C Laptop Battery, TUXEDO BA1701,
Msi Cr Series
CR41, MSI CR41-i587 Laptop Battery, CR41i587, Cr650-018pl, Cr650-035xhu, Cr650-049xtr, Cr650-074xcn, Cr650-208be, Cr650-221cs, Cr650-227, Cr650-230xby, Cr650-278xpl, Cr650018pl, MSI Cr650035xhu Laptop Battery, Cr650049xtr, MSI Cr650074xcn Laptop Battery, Cr650208be, MSI Cr650221cs Laptop Battery, Cr650227, MSI Cr650230xby Laptop Battery, Cr650278xpl, MSI Cr650e45087bw7h Laptop Battery,
Msi Cx Series
0NF-091US, 0NF091US, 2PF, CX61, MSI CX70 Laptop Battery, Series,
Msi Fx Series
Fx400-075xar, MSI Fx400075xar Laptop Battery, Fx420-010xcn, Fx420-050us, Fx420010xcn, MSI Fx420050us Laptop Battery, FX603-005IT, Fx603-018us, Fx603-047xeu, Fx603-048xhu, Fx603-i380m, FX603005IT, Fx603018us, MSI Fx603047xeu Laptop Battery, Fx603048xhu, MSI Fx603i380m Laptop Battery, Fx610-018cs, Fx610018cs, Fx620dx-256us, Fx620dx-268us, MSI Fx620dx256us Laptop Battery, Fx620dx268us, Fx700-001nl, Fx700-012, Fx700-012fr, MSI Fx700001nl Laptop Battery, Fx700012, MSI Fx700012fr Laptop Battery,
Msi Ge Series
CX61 2PF, CX61 Series, GE60 0ND - 288AU, GE60 0ND 288AU, GE60 20C-014NE, MSI GE60 20C014NE Laptop Battery, GE60 20E-455XCN, GE60 20E455XCN, GE60 2OC-014NE, GE60 2OC014NE, MSI GE60 2OE-003US Laptop Battery, GE60 2OE-062ES, GE60 2OE003US, GE60 2OE062ES, GE60 2PC-057XCN, GE60 2PC-411XCN, GE60 2PC-865XCN, MSI GE60 2PC057XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE60 2PC411XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2PC865XCN, GE60 2PE-056XCN, GE60 2PE-448XCN, GE60 2PE-449XCN, GE60 2PE056XCN, MSI GE60 2PE448XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2PE449XCN, GE60 2PF-459XCN, GE60 2PF-460XCN, GE60 2PF-667XCN, MSI GE60 2PF459XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2PF460XCN, GE60 2PF667XCN, GE60 2PG, GE60 2PG-1022XCN, GE60 2PG-458XCN, GE60 2PG-843XCN, MSI GE60 2PG1022XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE60 2PG458XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2PG843XCN, GE60 2PL-269XCN, GE60 2PL-403XCN, GE60 2PL-404XCN, GE60 2PL-405XCN, MSI GE60 2PL269XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE60 2PL403XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2PL404XCN, MSI GE60 2PL405XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2QD-1076XCN, GE60 2QD-894XCN, MSI GE60 2QD1076XCN Laptop Battery, GE60 2QD894XCN, GE60 2QE-1073XCN, GE60 2QE-893XCN, GE60 2QE1073XCN, GE60 2QE893XCN, GE60 2QL-1047XCN, MSI GE60 2QL1047XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE60 MS-16GA Laptop Battery, GE60 MS16GA, MSI GE60 Series Laptop Battery, GE60-038AU, GE60-2PEI781BW, MSI GE60038AU Laptop Battery, GE602PEI781BW, GE60H-i765M2811B, GE60Hi765M2811B, GE70 0ND-225FR, GE70 0ND-275FR, MSI GE70 0ND-478XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE70 0ND225FR Laptop Battery, GE70 0ND275FR, GE70 0ND478XCN, GE70 20D-242AU, GE70 20D242AU, GE70 2PC-088XCN, GE70 2PC-089XCN, GE70 2PC088XCN, GE70 2PC089XCN, GE70 2PE-059CN, GE70 2PE-482XCN, GE70 2PE-666XCN, MSI GE70 2PE059CN Laptop Battery, MSI GE70 2PE482XCN Laptop Battery, MSI GE70 2PE666XCN Laptop Battery, GE70 2QD-803XCN, GE70 2QD803XCN, GE70 2QE-802XCN, GE70 2QE-858XCN, MSI GE70 2QE802XCN Laptop Battery, GE70 2QE858XCN, GE70 G51-N1PR524, GE70 G51N1PR524, GE70 OND 226fr, GE70 OND-227FR, MSI GE70 OND227FR Laptop Battery, GE70-i765M287, GE70H-I789W7H, MSI GE70HI789W7H Laptop Battery, GE70i765M287, GP60 2OD-072US, GP60 2OD072US, MSI GP60-2PEi585 Laptop Battery, MSI GP60-i740M245FD Laptop Battery, GP602PEi585, GP60i740M245FD, MS-16GC, MS-16GF, MS16GC, MSI MS16GF Laptop Battery,
Msi Gp Series
GP60, GP60 2QF-864XCN, GP60 2QF-865XCN, MSI GP60 2QF864XCN Laptop Battery, GP60 2QF865XCN, GP60-2QEi585FD, MSI GP602QEi585FD Laptop Battery,
Msi Ms Series
MSI MS-16GB Laptop Battery, MS-1758, MS-1759, MS16GB MS-1757, MS1757, MSI MS1758 Laptop Battery, MS1759 MS-175A, MS175A, MSI MSI-16GH Laptop Battery, MSI16GH.

Package Content:

1 X Replacement MSI GE60 GE70 CR650 FR700 FR600 BTY-S14 BTY-S15 Battery

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged BTY-S14 battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion BTY-S14 battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.

Replacement MSI GE60 GE70 CR650 FR700 FR600 BTY-S14 BTY-S15 Battery