Lenovo 01AV477 00NY490 00NY491 00NY492 00NY493 01AV476 Battery

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. Chemistry: Li-ion
. Voltage:  11.4V
. Capacity: 7900mAh 90Wh
. Color: Black
. Condition: New replacement battery, One year warranty!

Compatible with Battery code:
00NY490, 00NY491, 00NY492, 00NY493, 01AV476, 01AV477, SB10H45075, SB10H45076, SB10H45077, SB10H45078

Compatible with Laptop Models:
For Lenovo
ThinkPad P50, ThinkPad P50(20EN0005GE), ThinkPad P50(20EN0006GE), ThinkPad P50(20EN0008GE), ThinkPad P50(20EN0042GE), ThinkPad P50(20EN0045GE), ThinkPad P50(20EN004AGE), ThinkPad P50(20EN004BGE), ThinkPad P50(20EN004DGE), ThinkPad P50(20EN004PGE), ThinkPad P50(20ENA00FCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA00MCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA02KCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA02MCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA02NCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA02PCD), ThinkPad P50(20ENA03NCD), ThinkPad P50(20EQ/20EN), ThinkPad P50(20EQ000JGE), ThinkPad P50(20EQS04UGE), ThinkPad P50(20EQS05L00), ThinkPad P50(20EQS1QC00), ThinkPad P50(20EQS3V200), ThinkPad P50-20EN0000AU, ThinkPad P50-20EN0033AU, ThinkPad P50-20EN003HAU, ThinkPad P50-20EN003JAU, ThinkPad P50-20EN003KAU, ThinkPad P50-20ENA000AU, ThinkPad P50-20ENA03JAU, ThinkPad P50-20ENA07ENZ, ThinkPad P50-20ENCTO1WW Tx, ThinkPad P50-20ENS01Y00, ThinkPad P50-20ENS09D00, ThinkPad P50-20ENS0X400, ThinkPad P50-20ENS13M00, ThinkPad P50-20ENS17V00, ThinkPad P50-20ENS1CW00, ThinkPad P50-20EQA070AU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA0E6AU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA0V7AU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA110AU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA111AU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA14CAU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA14RAU, ThinkPad P50-20EQA17FAU, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0410H, ThinkPad P50-20EQS04B1P, ThinkPad P50-20EQS07V0D, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0EM0K, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0FT01, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0RA00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0RK0S, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0T40M, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0TS0Y, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0VV1R, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0VV2T, ThinkPad P50-20EQS0XG0R, ThinkPad P50-20EQS11602, ThinkPad P50-20EQS11R0M, ThinkPad P50-20EQS12Q01, ThinkPad P50-20EQS14M00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1550G, ThinkPad P50-20EQS15T0G, ThinkPad P50-20EQS15U09, ThinkPad P50-20EQS15U1M, ThinkPad P50-20EQS18T0Z, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1DE1G, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1E100, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1EN00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1GC00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1J600, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1L600, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1MA05, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1R719, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1S404, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1TE00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1XR00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS1Y10E, ThinkPad P50-20EQS25C0U, ThinkPad P50-20EQS25X0E, ThinkPad P50-20EQS27P0G, ThinkPad P50-20EQS27Q0C, ThinkPad P50-20EQS28U0M, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2AA2N, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2G004, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2GH00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2T500, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2W700, ThinkPad P50-20EQS2W701, ThinkPad P50-20EQS30Q00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS36G1Y, ThinkPad P50-20EQS37000, ThinkPad P50-20EQS37300, ThinkPad P50-20EQS39Q00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3B405, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3BT0B, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3BY2D, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3F60U, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3FT0V, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3FU00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3GH07, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3GU0H, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3K600, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3MB0R, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3NA09, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3Q50C, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3SV0K, ThinkPad P50-20EQS3YS00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS40E01, ThinkPad P50-20EQS41Q01, ThinkPad P50-20EQS43N0Z, ThinkPad P50-20EQS47716, ThinkPad P50-20EQS48H00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS48J00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4CL00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4DC00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4EW00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4MS00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4P100, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4RT00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS4YU07, ThinkPad P50-20EQS51Y00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS55D00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS56100, ThinkPad P50-20EQS59C00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5DR00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5DY00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5JX00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5NU00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5WF00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5XV00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS5YX00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS60A0Y, ThinkPad P50-20EQS62301, ThinkPad P50-20EQS69L04, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6AL00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6NU00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6NV00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6NW00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6P200, ThinkPad P50-20EQS6T200, ThinkPad P50-20EQS75L00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS76Q00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS77G00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS78G00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS79X00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS79Y00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS7CJ00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS7DX00, ThinkPad P50-20EQS7E000, ThinkPad P50-20EQS7E500, Thinkpad P51, ThinkPad P51 20HH0016GE, ThinkPad P51 20HHA005CD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA00QCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA00RCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA00SCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01RCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01SCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01VCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01WCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01XCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA01YCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA021CD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA02SCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA02XCD, ThinkPad P51 20HHA03JCD, ThinkPad P51 20HJS1FA0V, ThinkPad P51 i7 7700HQ/16GB/512GB 1TB, ThinkPad P51(20HH/20HJ), ThinkPad P51(20HH0014GE), ThinkPad P51(20HH0015GE), ThinkPad P51(20HH0016MZ), ThinkPad P51(20HH0018GE), ThinkPad P51(20HH001QGE), ThinkPad P51(20HH001RMZ), ThinkPad P51(20HH001SMZ), ThinkPad P51(20HH002WGE), ThinkPad P51(20HH0032GE), ThinkPad P51(20HH003PGE), ThinkPad P51(20HH003RMZ), ThinkPad P51(20HH004RGE), ThinkPad P51(20HHS15G00), ThinkPad P51(20HJS1FA0V), ThinkPad P51(20HJS24N00), ThinkPad P51(20HJS4EW0G), ThinkPad P51(20MNS09J00), ThinkPad P51(20MNS09K00), ThinkPad P51-20HH0025AU, ThinkPad P51-20HH002AAU, ThinkPad P51-20HHCTO1WW, ThinkPad P51-20HHCTO1WW Tx, ThinkPad P51-20HHS00C00, ThinkPad P51-20HHS07000, ThinkPad P51-20HHS09J00, ThinkPad P51-20HHS0L700, ThinkPad P51-20HHS0LN00, ThinkPad P51-20HHS0NA00, ThinkPad P51-20HHS0R600, ThinkPad P51-20HHS0R700, ThinkPad P51-20HHS15300, ThinkPad P51-20HHS1Q900, ThinkPad P51-20HHS1ST00, ThinkPad P51-20HJ000EAU, ThinkPad P51-20HJA040AU, ThinkPad P51-20HJA07YAU, ThinkPad P51-20HJA08PAU, ThinkPad P51-20HJS09200, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0A50M, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0AQ0R, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0AQ0U, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0AR01, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0AR0S, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0BR0D, ThinkPad P51-20HJS0KW00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS11V1L, ThinkPad P51-20HJS16P07, ThinkPad P51-20HJS16Q0C, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1AQ00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1B600, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1U900, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1UX00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1V700, ThinkPad P51-20HJS1W101, ThinkPad P51-20HJS2BM07, ThinkPad P51-20HJS2RC00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS2US00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS2WM2G, ThinkPad P51-20HJS35500, ThinkPad P51-20HJS35F00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS3E500, ThinkPad P51-20HJS3FH00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS3G800, ThinkPad P51-20HJS3HG01, ThinkPad P51-20HJS3PT01, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4A101, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4LN00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4NN00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4QD0C, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4TB13, ThinkPad P51-20HJS4WC00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS52P0G, ThinkPad P51-20HJS54J00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS57P00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5AM00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5DY2R, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5G800, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5JS00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5L400, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5PH00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5TV00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5UP00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5VB00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5WW00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS5YP00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS63W00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS64301, ThinkPad P51-20HJS69H00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6BY00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6C000, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6H500, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6UH00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6WK00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6WY00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6X900, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6YP00, ThinkPad P51-20HJS6YQ00, ThinkPad P51-20MNS00N00, ThinkPad P51-20MNS02D00, ThinkPad P51-20MNS06P04
Package Content:

1 X Lenovo 01AV477 00NY490 00NY491 00NY492 00NY493 01AV476 Battery

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged 01AV477 battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion 01AV477 battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your 01AV477 battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.

Lenovo 01AV477 00NY490 00NY491 00NY492 00NY493 01AV476 Battery