BTY-L78 5225mAh Battery For MSI GT73VR 7RE 7RE-298 GT80 GT83 GT80S

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. Chemistry: Li-ion
. Voltage: 14.4V
. Capacity: 5225mAh 75.24Wh
. Color: Black
. Condition: One year warranty!

Compatible with Battery code:

Compatible with Laptop Models: 

GT62VR, GT62VR 6RD, GT62VR 6RD-033CN, GT62VR 6RD-093XCN, GT62VR 6RE, GT62VR-6RD, GT62VR-6RE, GT62VR-7RE, GT63, GT63 8RF, GT63 8RF-014CN, GT63 8RF-015CN, GT63 8RG-014CN, GT63 Titan 8RF-014CN, GT63 Titan 8RF-015CN, GT63 Titan 8RG-014CN, GT63 Titan 8RG-046, GT73, GT73EVR 7RD Titan, GT73EVR 7RD-818CN, GT73EVR 7RE, GT73EVR 7RE TITAN, GT73EVR 7RE-837, GT73EVR 7RE-838, GT73EVR 7RE-839, GT73EVR 7RE-894, GT73EVR 7RF, GT73EVR 7RF TITAN PRO, GT73EVR 7RF-1200, GT73VR, GT73VR 6RE-013CN, GT73VR 6RE16SR451, GT73VR 6RE4K32SR451, GT73VR 6REAC32SR451, GT73VR 6RESLI4K32SR451, GT73VR 6RF TITAN PRO, GT73VR 6RF-094CN, GT73VR 6RF4K32SR451, GT73VR 6RF4K32SR451 TITAN PRO, GT73VR 7RE, GT73VR 7RE TITAN SLI, GT73VR 7RE-298, GT73VR 7RE-451CN, GT73VR 7RE-471RU TITAN SLI 4K, GT73VR 7RE-665CN, GT73VR 7RF Titan, GT73VR 7RF-296, GT73VR 7RF-297, GT73VR 7RF-298, GT73VR 7RF-450CN, GT73VR TITAN, GT73VR TITAN PRO, GT75 8RF, GT75 8RF-003CN, GT75 8RF-035, GT75 8RF-037, GT75 8RF-037DE, GT75 8RG, GT75 8RG-002CN, GT75 8RG-033, GT75 8RG-085CN, GT75 8RG-089, GT75 8RG-090, GT75 8RG-271CN, GT75 Titan, GT75 TITAN 8RF, GT75 Titan 8RF-003CN, GT75 TITAN 8RG-002CN, GT75 TITAN 8RG-085CN, GT75 Titan 8RG-271CN, GT75Titan8RG, GT75VR, GT75VR 7RE, GT75VR 7RE-013, GT75VR 7RE-016, GT75VR 7RE-093, GT75VR 7RF, GT75VR 7RF Titan Pro, GT75VR 7RF-012, GT75VR 7RF-012 Titan Pro, GT75VR 7RF-015, GT75VR 7RF-033, GT75VR 8RF, GT75VR 8RF-003CN, GT75VR TITAN, GT80, GT80 001812-SKU1, GT80 2QC-221CN, GT80 2QD-042CN, GT80 2QE TITAN SLI, GT80 2QE-034CN, GT80 2QE-035CN, GT80 2QE-040CN, GT80 Titan, GT80 TITAN SLI, GT80 TITAN SLI-001, GT80 TITAN SLI-009, GT80 TITAN SLI-071, GT80 TITAN SLI-253, GT80 TITAN-047, GT80-2QE16SR221BW, GT80-2QES16SR221BW, GT80-2QES16SR351BW, GT80-2QES32SR311BW, GT80-2QES32SR351BW, GT80S, GT80S 6QD, GT80S 6QD-267CN, GT80S 6QE, GT80S 6QE TITAN SLI, GT80S 6QE-050CN, GT80S 6QE-217CN, GT80S 6QE-218CN, GT80S 6QE-268CN, GT80S 6QF, GT80S 6QF-218CN, GT80S TITAN SLI-012, GT80S-6QD, GT80S-6QD16H11BW, GT80S-6QE, GT80S-6QE32SR42BW, GT80S-6QE32SR42HOS HEROES, GT80S-6QEX32SR42BW, GT80S-6QF, GT80S-6QFX32SR45BW ANNIVERSARY, GT83, GT83 8RF, GT83 8RF-009, GT83 8RG, GT83 8RG-008, GT83 TITAN 8RF, GT83 TITAN 8RG, GT83 TITAN 8RG-020CN, GT83VR, GT83VR 6RE-007CN, GT83VR 6RE-026CN, GT83VR 6RE32SR451, GT83VR 6RE32SR451TITAN SLI, GT83VR 6RF TITAN SLI, GT83VR 6RF-011ES TITAN SLI, GT83VR 6RF-026CN, GT83VR 6RF-028UK, GT83VR 6RF-64SR451, GT83VR 6RF64SR451, GT83VR 7RE, GT83VR 7RE-094, GT83VR 7RF, GT83VR 7RF TITAN SLI, GT83VR 7RF-094, GT83VR 7RF-203CN, GT83VR 7RF-206, GT83VR 7RF-206 TITAN SLI, GT83VR 7RF-230FR TITAN SLI, GT83VR TITAN SLI, MS-16L1, MS-17A1, MS-17A2, MS-17A3, MS-1812, MS-1814, MS-1815, MS-1816

Package Content:

1 X  BTY-L78 5225mAh Battery For MSI GT73VR 7RE 7RE-298 GT80 GT83 GT80S

Battery Use Tip:
1. if it possible then remove a charged battery when your device is plugged in.
2. If possible then try to use energy-saving settings on your electronics.
3. Charge fully your new lithium-ion battery for the first three cycles.
4. Avoid exposure to extreme temperatures, also your battery can die if there will to fast temperature changes from low to high.
5. Always use the proper ac adapter charger for your device.

BTY-L78 5225mAh Battery For MSI GT73VR 7RE 7RE-298 GT80 GT83 GT80S